Industry of today is made up of start-ups, high science R&D, technology and engineering firms that succeed with innovations of product and process so proper leadership, management, and guidance of high skill projects, capital, and planning is imperative to company success.

Our Management team with the skill and knowledge to lead and communicate with the entrepreneurs, programmers, engineers, and scientists that comprise industry , make TPE one of the most successful contractors in oil and gas industry.

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Research & Development

The place of R&D in the industry has really being very important as the industry has witnessed tremendous improvement in the quest for exploration and production of hydrocarbon around the world.

Oil and gas is a high-technology industry, where companies, scientists, and engineers continually challenge the barriers of what is possible to find and produce energy. New techniques and technologies discovered through R&D have been vital in enabling the industry to meet global energy demand, and will continue to be vital as the industry overcomes current and future challenges.

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Drilling, completion and production of hydrocarbon wells has become increasingly specialized and complicated, and some procedures – such as fracturing or sour gas drilling – pose an inherently high risk to workers, the public, and the environment. HSE is well equipped to provide safety services in this sector.

Whether the job involves servicing breathing air equipment or containing a high-pressure uncontrolled well, HSE has the technology, the manpower, and the experience that operators trust and rely on.

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Requirements for cementing units on onshore or offshore rigs vary depending on the working environment, and filling these requirements is critical to every successful cement job. It is never just about the unit, the people, the technology, or the quality of service delivery. It is about the complete package.

Our Equipment : Cement pumping equipment , cement , drilling fluids and chemicals mixing and keeping equipment. PCTLR-521A Auto Density Control Double Pump Cementing Trailer

About Us

TPE is the leading company in delivering cementing and stimulation services and cement & drilling fluid material and chemical for onshore & offshore oil rigs.
At the moment we are providing all the necessities to deliver a perfect cementing job in the toughest operational situation with the latest equipment and standard grade material and full bulk plant package and experienced crew we will assure our quality to our client.
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