Tadbir Petro Energy Espadana Kish (T.P.E) is one of the subsidories of Tadbir Pardaz Asia investment group which registered in Kish island and now with more than one hundred sophisticated personnel and three offices ,three factories and its operation site in ahvaz is one of the leading companies in oil and gas drilling services  


TPE is the leading company in delivering cementing and stimulation services and cement & drilling fluid material and chemical for onshore & offshore oil rigs. At the moment we are providing all the necessities to deliver a perfect cementing job in the toughest operational situation with the latest equipment and standard grade material and full bulk plant package and experienced crew we will assure our quality to our client

Contact Us

Head Quarter Office

Address: Apt.102-103, No. 55, Niloofar Bld., West Lavasani St., North Kamranieh St.Tehran-Iran.

P.Code: 1936938713

Tel: (021) 26107453 - (021) 26107361

Fax: (021) 26107416

Email: info@tadbirpe.com

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