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Tadbir Petro Energy

Tadbir Petro Energy (TPE) is a pioneer in providing technology, sustainable, and science-oriented management to clients in the Oil and Gas fields in Iran and neighboring countries. We have the potential of providing a wide range of products and services from exploration to operation enjoying about 100 experts directly and indirectly with four branches inside the country and one outside.

We have excellent experience in the provision of onshore and offshore drilling services and have entered the vendor list of major drilling companies in Iran. Moreover, we are capable to participate in significant oil projects relying on our infrastructure and financial facilities.


Sustainable Management

Considering the everyday increase of oil production in the world and pressure decrease of developing oil fields, the drilling process has become more complex, difficult, and time-consuming. Recognizing these technical difficulties and risk assessing before commencing the drilling operation will result in immense cost-saving and production increases. TPE has been able to forge a path in order to complete drilling operations with minimum time loss and maximum efficiency by providing methods of Sustainable Management to clients.


Competitive Advantage

Considering the private nature of this company in comparison with other drilling companies in Iran, Tadbir Petro Energy is one of the most agile players among the other drilling service companies as all the operational decisions are made within the shortest possible time and without spending time on conventional bureaucratic obstacles. Additionally, the drilling equipment of this company is the most up-to-date among the existing equipment inside the country which is handled by an experienced and proficient crew. In this company, drilling operations such as cementing are done using Remote Control Management techniques via the internet. This capability enables the companies to monitor the operation and rectify possible hindrances anytime from their main office in Tehran or other cities. Close interaction with companies, contractors, and corporations in order to achieve desirable outcomes in urgent operation conditions, has made this company one of the leading companies in this industry.


Efficiency Process

The mechanism that makes competitiveness merit in an organization is efficiency in terms of using and combining existing resources. Efficiency improvement like other factors and organizational processes that are hidden in the foundations are the most prominent managerial approaches at Tadbir Petro Energy and by settling the efficiency improvement management cycle in this company, it has become a constant process between the personnel. For this purpose, the managerial team is constantly designing desirable conditions, and by observing ideal conditions, is continuously centralized on desirable operating conditions. Since the efficiency improvement cycle in an organization is a collective and organizational action in which every person at different levels has to be involved, culture-making and its conversion into a culture help to its stabilization. So, by educating and informing, this company has tried to provide the possibility of continuous improvement acceptance by its personnel.

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