Easy Installation Saves Costly Rig Time

The EXPRES cementing head is modular in design. Combined with its quick-latching and remote operation, you save time during rig up and cementing job execution. Faster rig up also means better mud and well conditioning prior to cementing.

Pressure test casing after cementing reduces rig time and microannulus

High pressure ratings enable the combination of casing pressure integrity test and bump. This saves you rig time and reduces the possibility of forming a microannulus.

Reduced operator exposure increases safety

Remote control operation minimizes exposure to high pressure. Light, well-balanced modules make it safe to handle.

On-the-fly plug launch reduces U-tube effects

Unique design permits plug launching on the fly, reducing U-tube effects and improving mud removal.

Excellent fluid separation and wiping efficiency

Exclusive wiper fin design ensures separation of fluids and effective wiping of casing. Slurry reaches the shoe without being contaminated.

Cementing plug drillability

Drilling tests and research during the design confirmed drillability of materials selected for EXPRES plugs. Data collected since 1994 have shown that the drillout time for EXPRES plugs is comparable to that of non-rotating plugs.

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