Sidetrack services for your wellbore requirements

Whipstock and milling tools offers to operators new alternatives to grass roots horizontal wells. Whipstock is a quality built tool designed to prepare or "cut a window" in the casing of any existing well bore. The Eaton Whipstock can be utilized in a vertical or high angle hole for sidetracking the original well bore or in preparation for directional or horizontal drilling. The reduction in cost per foot per recoverable barrel of oil has brought a new focus on oil in place reserves. whipstock is designed to cut a window in the casing of the existing wellbore. This design allows it to be run in vertical or high angle holes. The completion of the casing window is achieved on subsequent mill runs.

Additionally, a retrievable tail trip style whipstock is especially designed for trouble free retrieval after completion of the directional drilling program. Using this system, allows for Multiple laterals from a single vertical hole after completion of all directional or horizontal drilling programs. The Eaton Retrievable Whipstock is designed to be retrieved with a standard over shot. Should any difficulties arise in pulling the entire Whipstock, a back up feature will allow the concave to break away from the anchor mechanism. Once the concave section has been retrieved, a standard overshot can be used to retrieve the remaining section of the Whipstock.

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