Well Testing / MOT / MOS

TPE specializes in delivering safe, accurate, and quality data and operational efficiency across land and offshore well sites.

TPE offers the complete well test package, utilizing some of the industry's most reliable technologies. Our versatile surface test packages and drill stem test capabilities, data acquisition, and metering capabilities provide our customers with a complete service to support their Well tests.

TPE aims to facilitate and expedite acidizing operations and prevent environmental pollution caused by the burning of contaminated oil during the cleaning and commissioning of the wells, the wells provide the Mobile Oil Treater MOT device.

In order to clean up the wells after drilling, repair or, the oil produced is burned in the burn pit to provide suitable conditions for the transfer of oil to the production units of operation, which seeks to burn this oil in addition to the economic losses of the environment.

Using this device after drilling, repairing the oil wells, instead of burning, will be transported to the mobile oil treater MOT, and will be transferred to the production unit and oil will not be burned in the burn pits.

This MOT has a capacity of up to 3500 bbl per day with a flow pressure of 150 to 3000 psi. And its system is such that after the installation of the inlet and outlet to the wells and oil pipelines produced by the oil into the De Sander tank, and in the same direction injected anti-corrosive suspending agent and caustic soda continue the operation.

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