The long-term success of Tadbir Petro Energy is not only in profitability and achieving the target market but also is in improving the quality of goods and services by considering the rights of people and preserving the natural environment in which we live in. The management of this company emphasizes on the good physical and mental health of its personnel, improvement of operation and product quality, and using modern techniques for recycling goods and minimum impact on the environment. This commitment starts from the highest managerial levels at Tadbir Petro Energy. In this manner, the management has laid the foundation for implementing HSE and by constant supervision ensures that safety regulations, health, and the environment are executed in the most optimum approach. As a part of this commitment, the Tadbir Petro Energy management team has identified the responsibilities in its organizational chart in order to attain the following goals:



TADBIR PETRO ENERGY management has defined in this HSE Manual the basic principles and rules to put into force to, manage and document a sound HSE at work system. This system must allow for the attainment of the highest levels of HSE in the execution works performed by or under the responsibility of the TADBIR PETRO ENERGY

The HSE rules included in Part II of this Manual have been prepared in such a way as to ensure that all  TADBIR PETRO ENERGY and sub-contractors personnel working under TADBIR PETRO ENERGY control or within TADBIR PETRO ENERGY facilities and work sites, receive adequate information on the method of planning, preparing, organizing and the performance of work in a safe manner to cover the widest spread of working activities.

All personnel is requested to fully acquaint themselves with the major risks in their particular areas of work and responsibility and to put into practice the HSE regulations described in this Manual. In addition, all responsible personnel is invited to introduce specific rules which relate to the correct and safe performance of peculiar and/or unusual tasks.

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